Mexican soup with avocado salsa & homemade tortilla chips photographeed by Jamie Orlando Smith
White chocolate Cheesecake with Berry compote and shards of choc
Pritchard’s Dirty Vegan Burger photographed by Jamie Orlando Smith
Vietnamese rice paper rolls by Matt Pritchard and Photographed by jamie Orlando Smith
Matt Prichards Warm welsh cakes with baked plums photographed by Jamie Orlando Smith
Tangerines in a grid photographed by jamie Orlando smith Food Photograher
Grapes in the Dark this was shot by Jamie Orlando Smith for a personal Project with Natalie Thomson food stylist
Poached Pear with Vanilla Suger and spices with food my natalie Thomson and image taken by photographer jamie Orlando Smith
Poached Pear Plated up with yellow background and salted caramel drizzled over the fruit food by natalie Thomson and Image by Me Jamie Orlando Smith
Matt Pritchards Vegan Banger Breakfast shot by photographer Jamie Orlando smith
Food photo shoots London
Gordon Ramsay Pepperoni Pizza detailed shot
Fillet of salmon roaded with whole grain mustard and mushroom
Monkfish Goan Curry with Pilau Rice and Coconut Shavings
Breaded Chicken Burger with avocado and mayo
A selection of roast dinners for Gordon Ramsays Roast Revoloutio
Wild Garlic Soup with seed sand dressed with wild garlic flowers
Soda Bread and raspbery jam
Acai Berry frozen smoothy Bowls with Granola and fresh fruit
Noodle Salad with Carrots Radish, Onion and Mint
Courgette and Tarrigon omelette with lemon tea and knife and for
Miso Mussels and Saba Noodles with broccoli and cooked in a brot
Tin Roast Squash with Kale Pearl Barley and Tahini Dressing
Jamie Orlando Smith London Food Photographer Fillet Steak with mash and mushrooms and kale
Jamie Orlando smith london Food Photographer Veggie Breakfast on Waffles, with orange juice with newspaper
Fish Tacos with Rad Cabbage Slaw Avocados and Red Onion
Gordon Ramsay proscuitto pea and riccotta pizza street pizza
Seabass Cerviche with peppers and onion as well as Courgette and
Jamie Orlando Smith Food Photographer A Rule of Tum Swedish Breakfast Selection where everyone gets and egg
Pizza Express Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream and Mint
Water Melon Cooler with Lime and fresh melon
Yogurt and Berry Ice Lollies served on ice
Cocoa and Museli Energy balls Finihed with Cocoa Powder
Baked Peaches with Creme Freche and Toasted Oats
Gordon Ramsey food photography
Healthy Scrambled Eggs for Gordon Ramsays Ultimate Fit Food
Fresh Pea Soup with Cream Garnish for Gordon Ramsay
Beetroot Crisps with Cumin Seends and salt
Lobster Roll with Chamoagne for gordon Ramsay with MAry Rose Sauce and paprika Shot by food Photographer Jamie Orlando smith
Pork Fillet kebab with sticky rick and salad
London food photographer
Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine
Whole Sourdough on a board with a knife
Jamie Orlando Smith Food Photographer Roasted Pork Chops with Apples and Sage, with Sage Onions and Seasoning. Autumnal
Food Photographer Jamie Orlando smith shoots Sourdough Leeks, Rainbow Chard and Cobnuts on a Galvinised steel Background.
mussels and brocolli with noodles and broth
Alpen Museli with Blackberry Yogurt and Lemon Curd